MP3 players-music for you while on the go

Moving Picture Experts
Group first introduced MP3 players in
the year 1990. The idea was to find a high tech method to compress audio and
video files. The MP3 system can compress video and audio files while retaining
their quality almost intact. The MP3 player by doing so is able to store more
and more files. When downloading files to a computer or to any other systems
from this gadget,Guest Posting the time factor to download is very insignificant due to the
compression. For example, a song with running time of about 4 minutes takes at
least 40MB on a CD if it is to be recorded on it. Nevertheless, when a MP3
player records the same, it takes as low as 4 MB space on it.  

In this way, music
lovers who own MP3 players, which have a memory capacity of 1 GB, can store
about 250 songs. The MP3 is the format that is highly compatible with this type
of players. Nevertheless, many other file formats are also recordable on
some MP3 players. These
formats include WMA, WAV, MIDI, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ADP CM, ASF, VQF and ATRAC.
The difference of this type of player from the others is it does not have
additional parts to read files such as the earlier models. It is one compact
memory storage device. It has embedded software helping the user to transfer
MP3 files to the player.  

The MP3 players also have facilities
for copying songs from radio channels, websites, TVs etc. After recording,
the MP3 players can
make a list of songs called the Play List. The users can also make the list to
their preferences as well. Although, this gadget seems as one product, it
contains or is integrated with many technologies. If these technologies are
considered separately, they will not be that impressive but together they make
a powerful instrument – the MP3 players. The integrated parts of a MP3 player
include memory, microprocessor, digital signal processor, playback controls,
data port, display, amplifier, power supply, and audio port.  

MP3 players

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